Anaheim Jewelry
Why Buy From Us?
Are you having second thoughts about purchasing a high dollar item over the
internet from someone you can’t physically see or touch?  We at Anaheim
Jewelry don’t blame you.  This is why we are here to give you all the
information you need to make your important decision a wise one that you
won’t regret.  

There are so many reasons why we think you should bring your business to
us.  But here are 12 reasons that prove you’re making the right decision if you
purchase from Anaheim Jewelry.
 1) Integrity.  We at Anaheim Jewelry are firm in our belief that all customers
should be treated in a manner that upholds the highest ethical standards.  We
are honest in all our dealings with our fellow men and women.  We always give
our customers the benefit of the doubt.  We offer the best customer service
available.  We also participate with ebay in the removal of fraudulent
scammers from the site and have been told by an ebay associate that our
company is solely responsible for the removal of 80% of all the frauds who are
kicked off ebay--That’s huge!

 2) Price.  We are wholesale dealers by nature.  We do not have a retail
storefront which helps to eliminate unnecessary overhead resulting in a better
price for you.  We like to make sure that our customers get a great deal.  We
work on a very close profit margin and we can because of our high volume.  
We are in the top 1% of ebay sales, and this is for a good reason—people
enjoy doing business with us! We don’t want our customers to overspend on
any item they purchase from us.  

 3) Quality.  We strive for superior quality and take pride in the work of our
Rolex certified watch technician.  If a watch has custom accessories such as
diamond dials, diamond bezels, diamond bands, or diamond lugs; we make
sure that the diamonds are of superior quality and the accessory is of
superior craftsmanship or we will not sell it.  The diamonds are clarity VS, and
color F unless otherwise stated.  We specifically state in our auctions exactly
what the item is for sale; the age of the item, along with the wear, and
accompanying items.

 4) Warranty. With every pre-owned watch that we deliver we like to make
sure that it has been serviced, it works properly, and looks brand new.  We
provide our customers with a full 1-year warranty.  We have a Rolex certified
watch technician on our staff who does all of our work; he has been with us for
over 20 years and is the best in the business.

 5) Power sellers.  With the powerseller logo next to our name we are
required by ebay to have:  “at least 98% total positive Feedback or better,
eBay marketplace policy compliance, and an account in good financial
standing.  With this mark, you can be confident that you are transacting with
an experienced eBay seller who has proven that they’re committed to
customer satisfaction.  We rank among the most successful sellers in terms of
product sales and customer satisfaction on eBay.”  To learn more about ebay’
s requirement criteria for PowerSellers click here:

 6) Endorsements.  We are endorsed by ebay.  We are often targeted by
fraudulent scammers because we have an internet wholesale jewelry
business. We do not tolerate fraudulent internet scammers, in fact, we
actually help ebay with their investigations by providing information on frauds
who attempt to scam us.  We have been told by an ebay associate that our
organization is responsible for the removal of 80% of all frauds who are kicked
off ebay. This means that the time and effort that we put in to helping make
ebay a safe trading environment is paying off.  At times we have found it
frustrating the amount of time we spend reporting these scammers and have
contemplated putting our time elsewhere; however, we realize how important it
is for us as honorable ebay members to continue our efforts as the “neighbor
watch” so that ebay is a safer environment.

 7) Fast.  It is our goal to complete transactions in as timely a manner as
possible. We have received numerous “Thank You” letters from customers
who have said that they received their item so quickly that they didn’t even
realize what it was at first.  They didn’t think it was possible that it could be the
item they purchased over the internet just “yesterday.”  We ship items all over
the United States and world.  Unless requested otherwise, we ship all of our
items via FedEx priority overnight for AM delivery.     

 8) Safe.  Everything we ship is fully insured by our third party insurance
company.  If you do not receive your package, or the contents are damaged,
or there are no contents; you will receive either a complete refund, or a
replacement item of equal value—your choice!  This is not likely to happen as
we are very careful with how we ship our items; in the past 8 years of internet
sales we have had only 1 loss (out of millions of dollars in sales) that was fully
paid by our insurance company: Jewel Systems International.

 9) Friendly.  We are friendly and easy to do business with.  We like to make
transactions simple and hassle free for our customers.  Brad Mugar, the
owner, is very well known among many of the locals here in Orange County.  
Brad has many opportunities to make friends and customers with the many
people he is surrounded by at church, sporting events, bowling league and
more.  Most of his business is “word of mouth” referrals from friends and
repeat customers.  He is actively involved in his church, The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints.   He is an avid bowler and has been
on his local bowling team for over 20 years.  He has been married to his wife,
Susan, for over 35 years and they have 8 children, 3 boys and 5 girls; 6
biological, 1 adopted daughter, and 1 foster daughter.  Four of his oldest
children are married with children of their own. Brad and Susan have 6
grandchildren and 1 on the way.  (click here for pictures)  Brad has been a
season ticket holder of the Anaheim Angels for over 20 years with seats right
behind the plate in the Diamond Club.  He has been a season ticket holder for
the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim since day 1 with seats on center ice, 4 feet from
the glass.  Brad is known to always keep in touch with all his old friends, new
friends and customers through his annual Christmas card photo and by
running into them everywhere he goes.

 10) Feedback.  This is what made ebay so famous; their member profile.  
Upon completing a transaction through ebay, the buyer and seller have an
opportunity to post feedback publicly for all members to see; positive 1,
neutral 0, or negative -1.  These feedback scores along with the related
comments buyers and sellers can make are public for anyone to see.  This
makes it possible for all ebay users to educate themselves about a particular
ebay user and determine if they want to do business with that person.  In
general people tend to be anxious about sending money over the internet,
however, ebay is safer than a retail store.  A retail store has no feedback
profile; people have no way of knowing if a retail store has upset customers,
and if that store is treating customers fairly.  On ebay however, sellers are
forced to be excessively generous and easy on buyers who might be inclined
to take advantage of a seller, maybe even having buyers remorse.  Sellers
must adhere to the demands of the buyer regardless of how reasonable they
are; this due to the resulting feedback that will be left to permanently stain the
sellers feedback profile.  If a buyer is not the most reasonable in their
requests, the seller knows that they probably won’t be the most reasonable
when posting feedback either.  The point is to remember that our company
has over 1200 positive feedback.  These comments cannot be fabricated and
are proof that buyers can be safe doing business with active ebay members
with high profile positive feedback ratings.  To learn more about the feedback
profile regulations on ebay click here.

 11) Considerate.  We are considerate people here at Anaheim Jewelry.  We
care about the little things, when we ship a watch we always set it to the time
zone of its destination.  We realize that our customers are real people with
real life situations and not just people on the other end of the phone and
computer.  When a customer has a situation that needs extra attention; for
example, when the item needs to be sent directly to the recipient of the gift,
needs gift wrapping, and a personalized card—we come through.  When a
customer needs an appraisal immediately so they can get the item on their
insurance policy before leaving on vacation the next day—we come through.  
Charity organizations need donations to help further their cause and we
have had the opportunity to make donations to organizations such as; The
National Brain Tumor Foundation, Halcyon Interfaith Homes for abused
women and children, Eddie Lee Homes for homeless boys, California Utah
Women, and Canyon High School band boosters.

 12) Referrals.  In addition to feedback on ebay many customers have written
us very nice “Thank You” letters recommending us and also commenting on
the positive experiences they have had doing business with us.  These letters
consist of some ebay customers and some referrals from past customers and
“word of mouth” customers that cannot post transactional feedback on ebay
due to the fact that they were not ebay customers.  You can click here to see
what customers have said to us:
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