About Us

Anaheim Jewelry is a small family business owned and operated by Brad Mugar.  He has been in business for over 30 years.  As a young Boy Scout Brad was intrigued by different types of rare currency and started collecting rare coins.  This was the beginning of his profound interest in this hobby which eventually led him to invest in jewelry, watches, diamonds, antiques, and other vintage estate items.  Brad often sold items he collected to other dealers with retail stores where they could be showcased; this was the beginning of his wholesale business.  Brad has always been a people person and enjoys interacting with the public; making happy customers has always been enjoyable for him.  He quickly became a popular wholesaler among local jewelers in Orange County and still continues his wholesale business in addition to his ebay business, till this day.


 In the late 1990’s, One of Brad’s sons asked Brad if he could list one of his Rolex watches on ebay.  One thing led to another and within a year Brad had his 4 oldest children Bradley, Kelly, Ryan & Robert involved in the family business listing items on ebay each registering with different ebay user ID’s and managing their own accounts for Brad. Brad quickly went from running a 1-man business locally to running a full family business servicing the entire world. Today his children Ryan, Robert and Lauren help with the business in different capacities.