$ 6,450.00



$ 6,450.00



Questions? Contact Brad: Phone # 714-998-1867

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Contact Us: Brad Mugar at Phone # 714-998-1867.

About Us: We have 4 different ebay user ID's. Each user ID represents a different seller within our family business: Anaheim Jewelry & Coin. Brad Mugar is the owner/boss/father and his 4 oldest children are also his employees. We have been in business for over 28 years. We are in the top 1% of ebay sales, and this is for a good reason—people enjoy doing business with us! We do not tolerate fraudulent scammers on ebay, in fact, we actually help ebay with their investigations by providing information on frauds. We have been told that our organization is responsible for the removal of 80% of all frauds who are kicked off ebay. This means that the time and effort that we put in to helping make ebay a safe trading environment is paying off.

Customer Service Policy: If you want to have the most Awesome experience buying any fine watch or jewelry, then you have come to the right place! We are honorable ebay traders who strive to give the best service available and pride ourselves in making happy customers. We like to make the buying process simple and smooth. We believe that it's the little things we do that make our customers so happy. We will always be here for our customers. We offer watch service at our own cost. We ship packages immediately for priority overnight delivery. Some customers have said that their package came so much quicker than expected that they were shocked to find their watch inside. We ship worldwide! When our customers get a watch from us, the watch is already wound and running, set to the time and date of the destination of the watch. These are the little things our customers love! Our feedback comments will prove that.

Payment Methods Accepted: Buyer to pay within 3 days of auction end.

Shipping costs: Within the United States, Shipping and Insurance is 75.00. Internationally it is 115.00.  If you reside in the state of California then you would also add 8.75% sales tax to the price of the item. 

Disclosures:Item in the picture is the actual item for sale. We sell jewelry and high quality Rolex and other fine watches in excellent working condition. Please understand this when comparing prices, we do not sell any broken junk, we have a reputation to uphold, our watches far surpass the quality of other cheaply priced watches on ebay, and some of those watches out there are priced cheap for a reason, because they are cheap.

Authenticity:As to authenticity, EVERYTHING WE SELL IS 100% AUTHENTIC! All of our watches and all other items are 100% real! We do not sell any fake junk!

Return Policy:

3 day return privilege. The return privilege is in place for the purpose of making sure that our customers know we are honorable reasonable business people. Please understand that we guarantee all of our items to be at least exactly what our auctions say they are. We do not accept items in return unless on the very rare occasion we made an honest mistake in our description of the item (not likely). If for some reason a return is approved for an extenuating circumstance due to our generous customer service policy, the return request must be made and item must be sent back within 3 days from delivery of item. We will first attempt to service the watch or replace the product, if not possible then we will provide a refund on the item. Please do not buy and just decide that you changed your mind for whatever reason as we do not ship items back and forth for people to look at.